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New 2015 Models

2015 Spyderco Knives – The Cutting Edge

Since its inception, Spyderco has been known for constantly being the industry leader in knives. From hunting knives to pocket knives, they have constantly introduced new features, from pocket clips to slip joint blades. One thing that hasn’t changed from the original models to the newest Spyderco knives is quality – each one is made with the same attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality. The best Spyderco knife is any Spyderco knife – each one is unique, offering an experience that’s not offered by any other knife on the market.

Some of the newest 2015 Spyderco knives include the Spyderco PITS Folder with it’s striking design and perfect grip, and Spyderco Foundry which is truly a piece of unique design. For over 36 years, knife owners have trusted Spyderco to deliver sharp knives of the best quality – and they have not once been disappointed. Browse our newest Spyderco models below to find your new favorite knife today!