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Salt Series Knives

All Sharp, No Rust – Spyderco Salt

Spyderco's Salt Series has proven to be the ultimate in rust-proof knives. Made using H-1 Steel, these knives contain nitrogen instead of carbon. The new combination is strong and completely unable to rust. Humid conditions, fresh water and salt water are no match for this exquisite line of knives. This H-1 steel holds a sharp edge much like existing premium carbon-based knife steels.

The Spyderco Store is a leader in Salt Series Sales. We carry many styles of the Salt Knife including straight blades and folding blades. These knives are a must have for every fisherman, sailor, or anyone else who uses knives in wet conditions.

Our Favorite Salt Knives

Like other Spyderco Knife series, there’s many models to choose from – something to suit everyone. Some of our favorite models at the Spyderco Store include:

  • Spyderco Warrior – A fixed blade with a powerful grip, the Spyderco Warrior Combat Knife was inspired by Korean martial arts and close-combat icon Michael Echanis. For the ultimate in combat knives, the Spyderco Warrior is perfect for the warrior at sea or in humid conditions.
  • Spyderco Ladybug – For something more discreet and easy to carry, the Spyderco Ladybug is a pocket-sized folding knife with H-1 steel, to provide rust-free cutting anywhere!

Contact The Spyderco Customer Service Department for more information. We are here to help you! Browse our selection and find the right Salt Series knife for you today!